Geothermal heat pump GS20

Geothermal heat pump GS20

Model No.︰GS20

Brand Name︰HISEER

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰5 pc

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Product Description

Smart phone App. control WiFi module is optional .Control your heat pump from anywhere at any time.

Heating and domestic hot water;

Hitachi R410A scroll compressor;
Swep/Gea Plate type heat exchanger;

Emerson Expansion valve

Carel controller, easily understandable control
Internal 3 way revert valve and hot water pump are optional 
Internal Electric heater backup is optional

Differential pressure flow switch is optional

Rust free galvanized sheet case
Varied heat curve
Quite running design for indoor installation.

All components are tested to achieve long time reliability and durability.

Erp energy efficiency class: A++ .

Technical specification:

Heat pump Type GS20
Dimensions,weights,connection dimensions
Dimensions HxWxD 1040x640X600
Weight kg 160
Refrigerant Type R410A
Filling weight kg 2.15
Permissible operating pressure Mpa 4.2
Pipe connector-hot side Inch G11/2”
Pipe connector-cold side Inch G11/2”
Evaporator Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Condenser Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Compressor   1xScroll
Running current at B0/W35 A 9.35
Starting current compressor (with stalled rotor) A 80
Performance Heat pump
Heat output at B0/W35 kW 19.4
Power consumption  kW 4.92
Performance factor   3.94
Indoor side volume flow m3/h 3.34
Indoor side pressure drop kpa 29
Outdoor side volume flow m3/h 4.57
Outdoor side pressure drop kpa 34
Heat output at W10/W35 kW 26.0
Power consumption  kW 4.8
Performance factor   5.42
Indoor side volume flow m3/h 4.47
Indoor side pressure drop kpa 38
Outdoor side volume flow m3/h 6.08
Outdoor side pressure drop kpa 45
Power Type Triple phase with Hitachi compressor
Sound power level dB(A) 48
The above data is tested by EN14511    
B0/W35 means heating source brine inlet temp. 0℃,heating flow temp. 35℃
W10/W35 means heating source water inlet temp. 10℃,heating flow temp. 35℃
The Sound power level is tested by EN12102    

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